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Hi my name is Liz and I graduated 

cosmetology school in 2011 from Capilo institute, which is now Aveda institute in Augusta.  I am a proud wife to my husband Cody, who is also a hairstylist.  We have been married for 10 years, and have 3 beautiful girls that I am blessed to homeschool.  We try to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, as he is the reason for everything we do.   My heart is to show the love of Christ to everyone I meet and fill their souls with love ,joy and peace along with making them feel and look beautiful!


I love doing colors that take regular hair and makes it beautiful, vibrant and healthy.  I use Paul Mitchell, Pulp Riot and Matrix for color.  I also love doing highlights, baby lights, chunky foils and fashion colors!  I specialize in cutting edge hairstyles, texturizing, and long layers that gives body to the hair.  My motto is "I can always take more length off but I can't put it back on" 

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